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After the lake toba tour package goes straight to the best travel agent in medan to continue the trip to Parapat through the city of Siantar. The trip to Lake Parapat Toba is around 5 hours and many are through rubber and oil palm travel agency in medan plantations. Arriving at the Medan tour package we will stop at the Patent Shop.

After breakfast at the best travel agent in Medan, participants were immediately invited to the port of medan travel agency Raja to cross to Samosir Island, discussing the Toba Lake tour package. The intersection will be taken for 45 minutes by the medan tour package. Arriving at Samosir Island, Toba Lake Toba Tour Package goes to Tomok Village.

travel agent in medan buy tengteng, tingting, pangpang, pinging, pengpeng souvenirs Continue to lake toba tour package Restaurants for the best travel agents in Medan (Halal Food). After that we proceed to the city of Parapat. Arriving at medan lake toba tour package Parapat, check in at the Hotel and rest and relax at a travel agency in Medan until dinner arrives.

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