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In his recent interview with Pete Dye, Poker Strange's Harry Shearer said that he thinks it will be a good idea for him to move to Australia. And as he says, there's a big reason for this. No one is quite sure what exactly he means by it, but I think poker facebook it is simply due to the fact that the poker community in Australia is probably much more welcoming of the country's native Australian animals, and even its indigenous Australians.


Although Harry Shearer doesn't like to say so, I think it is safe to say that the disappearance of the Poker Strange website, and the subsequent outcome, are a direct result of the delicate nature of Harry Shearer's personal business and philosophical view of the world. His reluctance to be too frank about his thought process has made it impossible for him to live life fully as he wishes to, and with the establishment of Poker Strange Australia, he is now free to open up about some of the more philosophical issues that often plague the poker scene.


There's been an abundance of controversy over the internet in recent months, and almost all of it has centered around the topic of poker in Australia. It seems that more poker players are unwilling to acknowledge the merits of the casinos, and instead are forming their own clubs to promote the concept of poker and playing cards as entertainment. It is interesting to note that the modern popularity of online poker has come directly out of the anti-casino sentiment in the poker community. But one can argue that this is a natural reaction to the emasculating atmosphere of the online casinos, and that the poker community needs to push back on the notion that casinos are the pinnacle of the poker experience.