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The Czechs managed to get used to me that after seeing their films left the theater happy. It wont increased the expectations for my paintings created by Czech directors. Unfortunately, this works to the disadvantage of the film that done now big appetite, and that he was not able to satisfy. Ladies and gentlemen ... Svěráków duo and their manners comedy "Empties" - about a bored old man, who bore the viewer. Josef Tkaloun, experienced, aging teacher decides to quit my job. But he can not live like the rest of his peers retired, who are walking, watch TV without doing anything special.

Despite the criticism crabby wife employed in buying bottles. Interact with people, and his insatiable lust leads to the many intrigues and interesting situations to ensure his entertainment, which greatly needs ... I start tuned melancholy. Soft music, shots of the city from the perspective of clouds and clouds of.

From all this photo I liked, not only at this point, but also in the entire film. This is according to me, one of the few good sides of the film. Vladimír Smutný not once had had the opportunity to work with John Svěrákiem with paintings such as "Wheels" and "Dark Blue World". Thanks to him we could admire the perfect shot of the final scene a balloon and other parts of the film. As for the music, I think it was too melancholic and nostalgic. There is only the moment when the melody ─ alive at the end, when there is infrequent in this film the action. Ondřej Soukup his music puts us back in his chair, which in combination with a static action allows us to squint. Yes, this is the very moment of relaxation we needed, but not when it comes to the cinema, in such a way to spend time in it. I do not know if it's a matter of my young age that I was not interested in looking at the hero, which is at the stage of the autumn of his life (as he called himself). Despite the fact that Zdeněk Svěrák played great, this is what he wrote (remember that he is the author of the script and a lead actor). Like other actors to which the claims have not been possible. The biggest drawback, however, is the content. Already leave technical matters, such as the collapse of the unnatural character on a bike or artificial Cullet car in pursuit of a hot air balloon, which flies a couple cast old men, without comment.

Shortcomings dazzled my eyes, but this is a problem less than weariness story he told the movie. The greater part of the story is about how a man can be bored in retirement, who is looking for a class to get away from his wife and nasty about it, as are employed in buying bottles. We see him receiving a bottle, talking with people, snującego fantasies. These are actions which neither amused nor wzruszały, much less shaken.

Jozsef Tkaloun figure is unsurprising, static, and yet his watch in most frames that image. End of the film is a fragment in which something begins to happen, so that we know when the film is over and we can get out of the room. When it turns out that Mr. Tkaloun zeswatał colleague with his daughter, we have to deal first with the situational comic. The characters have to deal with it, which caused a slight dose of humor. It was the same scene in a balloon.

At this point, you can even shrug Josef confession to his wife on the 40th wedding anniversary. In the end all fine, but why only? With this set of negative traits emerges little symbolism. Often in the film we see the passing trains. Hero of erotic dreams in doing intervals wagon.

It feels great to train women. It is an older man, his train pulled away. Where it leads? Trains, trains, trains. "Empties" maybe they are designed for an older group of viewers. They may find themselves in the film, compare your life to the life of Josef Tkalouna, find a recipe for boredom of life pension. I may have to come years to escape from the fatigue life by going to the cinema to "Empties". I will choose another video ..