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The main ingredient in life is nothing but happiness. When you are not going to enjoy life to the fullest extent than it does not matter how much money you are going to make in your life. It does not matter how much Pride you gain out of your everyday work of life. If people are going to respect you and have a certain degree of image for you then you feel a bit happier. If you are having plenty of money then you will feel a bit happier. However, that is not complete happiness.Happiness is something else. The mindset determines happiness under majority of the circumstances. Watching a movie if you are going to laugh out of your butt for so many times within the couple of hours then that is real happiness because you forget the entire world and get into the story of the movie. Similarly, when you are going to perform in anything else like sports or other competitive activities and if you are going to emerge victorious then you taste real success and that is going to give you maximum happiness.