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Did you know that film streaming has been shown from research to be one of the easiest ways by which people can learn other languages? This is true especially when the movie that is being streamed and watched, has a subtitle that the one who is watching understands clearly. This theory is quite empirical and can be experimented with by anyone who has the time to go through the process. All that is required for the empirical process is a collection of movies that are of the same language that is not well known or known at all to the subject viewer. The movies should as much as possible be subtitled with a language that the subject of the experiment is conversant with. When the subject is subjected to watching at least one film or two if there is the time in a day, for a period of one month, the result may amaze you. One of the observations would most like be that the experiment subject would be able to establish a level of communication in the language that was chosen. The degree to which this experiment is positive is to a great level dependent on how attentive the test subject listened to the characters of the movie while they conversed.